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River Marked

River Marked, by Patricia Briggs

This is the sixth in Patricia Briggs' Mercy Thompson series.

I love this series. The characters are well done, the various relationships work and make sense to me, they end up being people I care about.

This one felt a bit different from the previous books in the series, but I think that's because it was more focused on Mercy and Adam for the majority of the book, and they were off on their honeymoon away from the rest of the pack. Much as I love the two of them, I found myself missing everyone else.

Reading this series I've really enjoyed the way the various magical groups have been explored. Each book has focused more on one specific group which I think has worked really well. This time it's finally Mercy's turn. Since she doesn't really know that much about her own origins it was quite fun to discover them along with her.

I'm personally not as familiar with most Native American legends so I found all of that really interesting. It made me want to look up the stories, particularly since there was quite a bit of teasing about which version of specific stories was told.

General plot stuff... Mercy and Adam end up spending their honeymoon near a specific river at the request of the Gray Lords. People have been dying there and they think a fae is responsible. So Mercy and Adam have to deal with that and end up getting help from Mercy's magical side of the family.


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