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October 2, 2008

Art in the Blood

Art in the Blood, by P. N. Elrod

Fourth in the Vampire Files series by P.N. Elrod...

This'll be short I think since these are fun plot-driven books that so far haven't had a lot else going on. Which is ok, a person needs that now and then.

Jack ends up befriending an artist and then investigating when the artist's friend/almost love interest shows up dead. Said artist's wife having died of a suspicious suicide a while back making him the main suspect in the current murder.

October 23, 2008

The Final Warning

The Final Warning, by James Patterson

Fourth in the Maximum Ride series by James Patterson.

This one was kind of "eh" for me. Not that the previous three are great literature or anything, they're just fun easy reads. This one however, came off really preachy.

I think what worked before was that it was mostly about these kids who just wanted to be normal kids. That seemed to take a backseat to "The Message" this time. It ended up being a let's jump on the environmental/global warming band-wagon thing.

Not that the environment isn't important, it is. But it completely took over the book and in a very heavy handed way. It felt more like propaganda than a book one would read for enjoyment.

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