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Foundations, by Dayton Ward & Kevin Dilmore

Fifth dead tree Star Trek SCE book, collects ebooks #17-#19...

It's an SCE book that isn't a re-read. Yay! This one was really fun. There's a common story that threads around the three ebooks with the normal main characters, the three books themselves are about Scotty and the beginnings of the SCE.

The first one is set before ST:TOS, Scotty is on his way to join the Enterprise for the first time and ends up helping out with a problem at an outpost in the Neutral Zone.

Second is after a first season episode of TOS. The SCE gets sent to help clean up after Kirk et al find a planet being ruled by a computer (The Return of the Archons). This one was the most interesting to me I think. It's such an interesting idea, at the end of the episode everything seems solved and it's all going to be ok. But in reality what happens to those people once the Enterprise leaves? Their entire society and way of life has been turned upside down, so who cleans up the mess? Turns out the SCE does that.

I remember having a conversation on a Farscape message board a while back that was similar (what happens to that woman after Crichton leaves in "I, ET"?) and I find it a really fascinating thing to contemplate. I really think it goes back to high school and "Rosencrantz & Guildenstern are Dead", that idea that these people all have lives that continue after they exit stage left.

Anyway! The third one happens at some point after the second season TOS episode "By Any Other Name," since it involves the same aliens and Scotty reminisces about the experience.


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