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1633, by Eric Flint & David Weber

Second in the 1632 series by Eric Flint & David Weber...

Seems I have been horribly neglectful of the books blog again, I'm writing this a good two months after reading the book. Very silly of me.

So... this continues the stories of the people sent back in time to 1632, they're starting to have a serious impact on world happenings (or at least the going's on in Europe). There's a lot going on with history books being essentially smuggled out to other countries and what those other leaders do with the information. Say you're Richelieu, or King Charles I and you get this information telling you what's going to happen. What do you do? Do you get rid of the people who are supposedly going to be your downfall? Or change what made them want to get rid of you in the first place?

Of course nothing will go according to the history books any more anyway because there's all kinds of change happening anyway. But can you learn from the mistakes you would have made in different circumstances? Try to change policies or stear things in a different direction? It matches well with the idea of predestination that was a big deal at the time. Calvin and all of that. Which is a really big idea for me to get my brain around anyway.

I'm liking this series a lot, but it does have me going to Wikipedia frequently. My 1600's European history knowledge isn't very good!


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