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Dead Until Dark

Dead Until Dark, by Charlaine Harris

First in the Sookie Stackhouse/Southern Vampires series by Charlaine Harris...

This wasn't bad, kind of light "popcorn" reading.

Since this is a new vampire series for me I'll do my standard and start with the vamp rules. Sunlight kills them pretty much right away and they're unconcious during the day, garlic and silver don't kill but will weaken them. They drink blood exclusively, and can feed without killing, however there is a synthetic blood substitute available that provides everything they need but apparently doesn't taste very good. Maybe like diet pop compared to the real thing. And they have the ability to put a "glamour" on people so they won't remember things or will do whatever the vamp wants.

The main character isn't a vamp, but she isn't strictly a "normal" human either. She's a telepath and has spent her entire life trying to figure out how to deal with hearing things she doesn't want to hear. She calls it her "disability" and people treat her like she's slightly nuts, they all know there's something different about her, but none of them really want to believe it.

This is also one of those series where at least some of the supernatural creatures are "out", in this case it's the vampires but that's about it. There are other beings, but only the vamps are known to the world at large.

There's a really interesting scene with the main vamp (Bill) talking to a group of people about the Civil War, about what happened to him during it. It's something that is so far removed from people now and the reactions to what happened are completely different. He was there, he has an emotional connection to it, it almost seems crass the way people ask him about it.

And some basic plot stuff so I remember which book this is... women who have a past of associating with vampires are being killed, but it doesn't seem that a vamp is responsible. There's also a small group of vamps being obnoxious and making it difficult for Bill to "mainstream".

This falls under example 3 in the Romance Disclaimer


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