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Dark Hunger

Dark Hunger, by Sara Reinke

Second in the Bretheren series by Sara Reinke...

First off I have to say how thrilled I was to be able to read this when I was. It isn't due to be published until September and the author very graciously offered to send me an ARC of it after she read my post for the first book in the series. All of which is just way cool.

Honestly, I liked the first book better. But I think a huge part of that is because I was incredibly pissed off at Rene by the end of the book. Also, what really attracted me to the first book was the idea of a deaf vampire. That's just an incredibly intriguing concept, and that character really wasn't the focus of this book at all. I do find Rene interesting in his own way, just not quite as much as Brandon.

Since I do like Brandon a lot, everything that Rene does at the end of the book got me rather upset! I can't quite get my head around how he thinks that's going to make things ok. Does he really think Brandon's twin is going to be ok with what he did? Even if it keeps her safe, I just don't see her letting that go.

I kind of want to tell Rene to get over himself, he seems a lot more concerned about what other people are thinking about him than they are. I realize that's a lot easier said than done! He has this image of himself that isn't true any more and that's a hard thing to deal with. And that has to be harder since he knows he probably would have been fine if he'd just been left to feed and heal.

I've said this before, I figure a book that has characters that are real enough to piss you off is a well done thing. Otherwise they wouldn't make me mad, I just wouldn't care! And much as it irritated me, the ending makes it fairly clear that there'll be more to the series and that can't be a bad thing.

edited August 2008 to add: This falls somewhere between examples 2 & 3 in the Romance Disclaimer, leaning a bit towards the "2" side of things.


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Hi, Sunidesus,

Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the book! :) If it helps, two of my close friends who had sneak peeks at DH, too, wouldn't talk to me for days after they'd finished. My friend Mary Ann ripped me a new one for at least a week for "what I did to Brandon," LOL.

Don't worry. I've got another book in the series under consideration with my editor as we speak, so here's hoping Brandon will be back for many more stories to come!

Again, thanks so much for reading my book! Please don't be mad at Rene.

:) Sara

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