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The Empty Chair

The Empty Chair, by Jeffery Deaver

Third in the Lincoln Rhyme series by Jeffery Deaver... and it's another re-read.

So... Lincoln, Amelia, and Thom (of course) have traveled to North Carolina because Rhyme wants to have an experimental surgery that he hopes will give him a tiny bit of improvement, but it's risky. They end up getting involved in a local kidnapping/murder case because the sheriff is a relative of one of their friends back in New York.

Everything gets sticky and complicated right quick and in a hurry, but what else would you expect from a Deaver book?

As is usually there's all kinds of personal issues to go along with the plot (which is a huge part of why I like Deaver's books). Rhyme is feeling very out of place, both because of the small town being stared at thing and because he knows how to work a crime in New York, but he doesn't know anything about the area they're in currently so it's harder. He's normally so sure of himself and he just isn't in that situation.

And there's some level of conflict between him and Sachs about the operation he wants. She doesn't think it's worth the risk, he does. I do get the feeling that if they'd just talk to each other about what they're scared of it wouldn't be quite such a bit deal!


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