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The Broken Window

The Broken Window, by Jeffery Deaver

Eighth in the Lincoln Rhyme series by Jeffery Deaver...

Yay for a new Lincoln Rhyme book! I really like this series, I'm always happy to see a new one.

This one had some call-backs to both the first book in the series and the book right before this one (The Cold Moon) which was cool, I don't think that's really happened much in previous books in the series. It made me want to go back and re-read the earlier books.

The plot and story in this one had a lot to do with privacy and data mining companies. How much information about us is really out there for anyone to find. How companies use everything that's out there, all the information about what we buy and where. Every time we use one of those "frequent buyer" cards all that information goes somewhere. There's a scary amount of information available, and what happens if someone who wants to do something nefarious gets ahold of it?

My one complaint isn't really a problem of the book, it's more a problem of reading a book about something about which I already know a decent amount. I know most of the people reading the book aren't going to be very geeky or know too much about the privacy issue or about computers in general. So it's not that out of line that a number of the characters wouldn't either and there has to be a lot of basic explaining going on. But you'd think at least a couple of them would have some awareness of what's happening and not need absolutely every little thing explained to them.

But that's just one little part of it and the rest was very good. I can never figure out where all the twists and turns are going in Deaver's books, I love that. And there's always lots of interesting character and relationship stuff too. Mysteries that are just plot don't do much for me, I like reading books where I can get to know the characters and get attached to them.


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