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Bloodlist, by P.N. Elrod

First in the Vampire Files series by P.N. Elrod...

This series is a bit different than most of the vampire stuff I've read so far. They're set in the 30's and have a very different feel to them than the ones set in the present. I've seen "hard-boiled detective" as a descriptor for the genre, but I haven't ever read anything in that area so I have no idea how, or if, that fits.

Vamp rules... no sun, unconsious between sunrise and sunset, blood only (animal blood ok), crosses/garlic/etc aren't a problem, wood is, no reflection, needs "home soil" to sleep, can become non-corporeal, can do the hypnotism thing. I think that's all of them! The "home soil" thing is a new one for me. I've heard it, but nothing I'd read so far had it as anything other than a "vampire myth". This isn't the first one I've read with the whole "no reflection" thing, but that is the one "rule" that never makes sense to me. If you can see them with your eyes then you can see them in the mirror. I know it's a common part of the lore, but it just doesn't make sense to me (I know, they're vampire rules, they aren't real, they don't need to make sense, but there I am anyway)

So, our main character is a journalist who has just moved to Chicago and then got himself murdered, but he'd been turned (sort of, the turning works weirdly, the whole blood exchange thing happens but it may or may not take and you don't find out until you die as a human) years back so he doesn't stay dead. He hooks up with a PI and the two of them try to figure out who killed him and why since he doesn't remember the couple of days before his death.

So far this feels more like the occasional mystery that I read, there isn't as much of the inter-personal stuff that tends to really attract me to characters. More plot-driven than character-driven I guess. Which is fine, I do enjoy that now and then.


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