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Already Dead

Already Dead, by Charlie Huston

First in the Joe Pitt series by Charlie Huston...

Vampire book! And this is a new series/author so vamp rules to start with. Can eat regular food, but need blood regularly as well. Sunlight hurts, but no insta-flames and not unconscious from sunrise to sunset either. Holy water and garlic aren't issues. Interesting departure... vampirism is caused by a virus that requires those infected to consume blood; however, there's no fangs provided when a person is infected so they run around with needles and blood bags and "tap" people to get the blood they need.

So... we have a vamp that isn't a part of any of the "clans" so he does dirty work for a couple of them so they'll let him live the way he wants. (Dirty work being taking care of zombies and things like that) He has a girlfriend who doesn't know he's a vamp, and I'd like to see where that goes in future books. Since what he is could help her, will she be pissed that he lied or will she want his help or will she want to stay human even though that means dying?

Anyway, there's a zombie carrier running around infecting people and Joe has to find and take care of it since no one wants a bunch of zombies running around eating people's brains. Things rapidly get complicated and there's a rich missing girl he has to find and her parents are somehow involved with one of the big clans (think vampire mob), her father in particular causing all kinds of problems. There's also all kinds of power struggles and political issues going on between the various vampire groups.


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