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Scardown, by Elizabeth Bear

Second in the Wetwired/Jenny Casey series by Elizabeth Bear...

This picks up pretty much right after the first one ends.

We get to find out a lot more about the Chinese program which is set up quite a bit differently than the Canadian one. There's more of an obvious sacrifice involved for their pilots because of how the nano-enhancement stuff is done and how it affects them.

The AI gets a lot more involved in what's going on too. He's really interesting, and I liked that he started to be more involved instead of just being this voice in a couple people's heads.

There's also some really sad stuff partway through involving something the Chinese do to try to thwart the Canadians and then what our main characters have to do to try to prevent/mitigate the damage done.

I'm liking this series quite a bit, I've started something else as my next book, but I'll probably read the third in this series fairly soon. I want to know what happens with the new arrivals!


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