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Rules of Conflict

Rules of Conflict, by Kristine Smith

Second book in the Jani Kilian series by Kristine Smith...

First off, a ton of the questions I had after reading the first book were indeed answered in this one. A lot of the back story is fleshed out and there's more of an explaination of what exactly happened to Jani.

By shortly into the book she isn't hiding any more, but because of what happened in the past she thinks she should be in a ton more trouble than she is. There's multiple people pulling the strings on that one, some trying to help her and some trying to help themselves by getting her out of the way.

The poor woman keeps having major health issues (again, related to the past stuff).

Other important things... Nema conives to get her recognized by another leader (I think it's the leader of the secular stuff for his species, where he's the religious leader) and that's somehow part of his master plan.

There's a lot of people pulling her in every which direction for their own reasons and not a whole heck of a lot of concern for what she wants. Which is obviously frustrating for her!

The albino character (Shroud) fascinates me. The way he's described is really interesting. That he knows he looks different to "normal" people and uses it to his advantage in whatever ways he can.

The "augie" concept is really interesting too. That there's these soldiers and retired soldiers that aren't completely in control of their own minds and reactions. They have to basically reset the augmentation stuff (it's called a "takedown" in the books) every so often or the person goes nuts. But there's such a loss of control involved in that.


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