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High Stakes

High Stakes, by Erin McCarthy

This is the first of the Vegas Vampires series by Erin McCarthy.

First off... this is another one that I started reading before I realized it was a "romance" book and once I've started a book it has to be spectacularly bad to get me to stop reading it. So I did my standard "skim the crap parts" and just read the actual story parts.

I just don't understand the hormonal stuff. I have absolutely no frame of reference for that and I just don't get characters who give in to their urges and all that. It seems so unbelievable to me. Do normal people ever really feel like that? Are they ever so completely driven to distraction by someone else's body? That honestly never happens to me. I have to be told to look at someone before I'll notice if they're cute/hot/whatever.

I want to know what's wrong with all of them! Why on earth are they behaving that way? Do they really have that little control of themselves? See what I mean? No frame of reference. I have zero ability to understand this stuff. It just confuses me.

However, between the skimming and it not being a very long book in the first place and a very easy reading one at that I read this in a day.

On to the actual plot...

First off, the vamp rules: they can be in the sun but it wears them out, they only drink blood, but almost always from blood banks not from "live donors", they have some telepathic/compelling abilities, and can fly. They get stronger as they get older... I think that's most of it. They also have a democratic government system and the main dude is the current Vampire President. (the term of office is 40 years)

The main female character is mortal and trying to get her sister away from the crazy rich guy (who is Mr. Pres but she doesn't know that at first) and ends up falling for him. Someone is trying to kill him and he's in the midst of a re-election campaign so she starts off as a political girlfriend since it'll look good to his constituents to have a mortal girlfriend.

Good grief, there really isn't much in the way of plot. They don't even find out who's trying to kill him by the end of the book (the reader knows, the characters don't). Of course she gets attacked near the end and the only way to save her is to do the obvious. And since it's cheesy romance land she's his "chosen one" so they end up getting married after knowing each other for all of two weeks.

edited August 2008 to add: This falls under example 1 in the Romance Disclaimer


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