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Hammered, by Elizabeth Bear

First in the Wetwired/Jenny Casey series by Elizabeth Bear...

I've already started the second one in this series and it picks up pretty much exactly where this one leaves off. I'm curious if the three books (I think there's just three in the series, but I'm not positive, I haven't looked it up) were written together and then published as seperate books since they would have been a massive brick of a thing all together.

It's set about 50 years in the future and a large portion of it is in Canada and there's little French bits thrown in here and there which I quite enjoyed. Most of it isn't translated (you can kind of get the gist from context and so far it hasn't been anything terribly important) and I'm enjoying figuring it out and seeing how much of it I can get without looking up any words. As an aside.. I have no idea what I did with my French-English dictionary or my 501 French Verbs book! They were both falling apart, but they still worked and I wouldn't have tossed them. My German-French dictionary I have, but that isn't very helpful since my German is pitiful, my French at least doesn't completely suck!

Anyway! Governments have gotten in bed with corporations for money reasons. (more than now, and more overtly) The U.S. is rather messed up and Canada is competing with China to get a new space/starship technology working first.

There's a number of different people/stories happening simultaneously and they do all eventually come together, but it takes a bit. Most of it is in 3rd person, but one of the storylines (the one with the main character) is in 1st person.

There's also interesting stuff going on with the concept of artificial intelligence. If one is created and becomes self-aware does it then have rights? Or is it still just a thing and you can do whatever you want with it?

So, main character has been trying to stay away from the Canadian military for the past decade or so but has been found and they want her to come back and pilot this starship that they're building. There's something about the way she's adapted to having cybernetic prosthesis and implants that makes them think she'll be able to do this when no one else has. There seems to be a lot going on behind the scenes (and having started the second book now, that's continuing and we're learning more about motivations and all of that fun stuff)


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