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Damia's Children

Damia's Children, by Anne McCaffrey

Third in the Talent/Hive series by Anne McCaffrey... and yes, this is a re-read. There's something very atractive to me about this series so I tend to go back to it.

This one follows some of Damia and Afra's kids as they start to have their own lives and jobs and figure out what they want to do with themselves (within the restraints of being Primes of course).

The Mrdini are a big part of the series from here on out, the eldest of the kids is sent to be Tower Prime on their home world. The boys join the Navy to help hunting down the Hive spheres, and there's the capture of the queen.

And that's the important stuff! I've said before how much I enjoy this series so I think that's it for this one!


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