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The Ship Errant

The Ship Errant, by Jody Lynn Nye

And back to the Ship series we go! This one is by Jody Lynn Nye, but it's part of Anne McCaffery's Ship series. It's the sequel to The Ship Who Won which Nye co-wrote. And it ends up being one of the very very few books on my shelf at home that aren't shelved according to author!

Being a sequel this continues the story with Cari and Keff. And they have a major fight with an administrator dude which causes all kinds of problems. He thinks she's unstable and crosses all kinds of lines to prove it whether it's true or not.

The Frogs get to go back to their home planet and meet their people.

There's also a whole other species (the Griffins) introduced, but it takes a while to figure out who exactly they are and how they fit in with everything going on with our main characters. One of the people working with the Griffins has a very interesting story that caught me off guard again even though I have read the book before. It's been quite some time and I'd forgotten what her connection was to the Central Worlds.

And of course there's the very wonderful redemption of Cari against the scavangers and stupid administrator dude.


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