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Moon Called

Moon Called, by Patricia Briggs

The first of the Mercedes Thompson series by Patricia Briggs...

This is a new author/series for me. The main character is a "walker" i.e. she can turn into a coyote any time she feels like it, and she was raised by werewolves (she's also half-Indian which is very much related to the walking thing). But she tries to stay out of the business of the pack as much as they'll let her.

In a departure from the norm for this genre, some of the supernatural creatures were forced to "come out" a while back so the world in general knows about the "fae" but not about the were or the vampires or any other creatures just yet. (fae being things like fairies and nymphs, but a good helping of not so nice things too) A lot of them have chosen, or been forced depending on how you look at it, to live on reservations away from the general public. It's an interesting dynamic, there's still a LOT of secrecy, but a lot more out in the open than is normal in these kind of books.

One of the local fae had been a mechanic before he was forced to out himself, and he sold her his shop when that happened. So she has a kind of mentor who is centuries old, she's been claimed by the local werewolf pack Alpha as his, and she takes care of the cars of the vampires in the area because she can't afford to pay them protection money.

The plot involves a newly-turned were who shows up starving at her shop and once he's taken in by the local Alpha things rapidly go downhill. There's kidnappings and murder and our protagonist has to figure it all out.

I liked it a lot. The characters are all very rich and there was obviously a lot of thought put into the various rules for the different groups and their histories, how they interact with humans. Since the were are who Mercy tends to be with, and that's how she was raised, there's a ton of discussion about the importance of body language and dominant/submissive behavior. I found it really interesting and I wonder how much of it people do, we just aren't really aware of it.


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