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Damia, by Anne McCaffrey

This is the second book in the Hive/Talent series by Anne McCaffrey, and yes I've read this one a number of times.

It retells most of The Rowan but from Afra's perspective so you get to learn all kinds of interesting things about what was going on at the time. And how many things didn't quite happen the way the Rowan thinks they did. It continues the story past the end of the first book and has the starting of the Gwyn-Raven clan.

It's very much about Afra growing up and then taking care of Rowan; stepping aside when Jeff shows up and finally finding a family of his own. Even if he does have to wait an awfully long time for the right woman to come along!

This is also where we first meet the Mrdinis, but they aren't a big part of this book, they're a much bigger part in later books though.


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