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Blood Bound

Blood Bound, by Patricia Briggs

The second in the Mercy Thompson series by Patricia Briggs...

The main plot issues are more to do with the vampires this time than the werewolves, but the were are still a very important part of it since Mercy is a member of the pack even though she isn't were herself. And they've joined the fae in being "outed" since the end of the first book. They aren't all out though, they're being very careful and only introducing some of their member at a time so as not to completely freak out the public.

Plot stuff... Stephan (vampire, but a friend) asks for a favor in return for one given in the first book. He needs Mercy to be a witness while he meets with a vamp traveling through the area because he doesn't trust his own memory (with, it turns out, good cause). The rest of the book involves everyone having to deal with that vamp and the havoc he wreaks.

There's a sequence I really liked part-way through with Mercy and Samuel when he's stuck in were form and they have to pretend he's a ginormous dog to a cop. And then the conversation they have afterwards about sticking their heads out the window while in their animal forms... it's just such a fun idea! If you could turn into a canine of some sort wouldn't you want to do that just to see what all the fuss is about?


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