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A Hymn Before Battle

A Hymn Before Battle, by John Ringo

This is the first book by John Ringo that I've read, and it's the first of the Posleen series.

He's one of the Baen sci-fi guys and since I like both Weber and Flint I figured it was about time I give Ringo a try!

The book is set in 2001/2002 so it has a more familiar feel than a lot of sci-fi since it's set more "now". It's full of current military alphabet soup stuff which can be hard to follow. I'm assuming if you're from that world and know what all the ranks and jargon mean it's easier! The story itself makes sense, it just sometimes takes me a bit to figure out who the people are and who's reporting to whom.

The basic plot is that there's these very non-violent aliens who are being attacked by another group of aliens who are not non-violent at all. They can't defend themselves and since Earth is in the path of the bad guys they ask Earth for help, both to save the aliens and to save Earth since it'll be over-run as well.

There was one little thing I noticed that I'm hoping pays off in future books! There's a word that the Posleen use that is extremely similar to a word one of the main characters' AID uses. It made me think that there's another group working behind the scenes of both groups of aliens but I could be reading too much into it, we'll see!


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