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Pegasus in Flight

Pegasus in Flight, by Anne McCaffrey

Well I've clearly been in an Anne McCaffrey mood lately!

This is number two in the Pegasus/Talent series. They go before the Hive/Talent series. There aren't overlapping characters between the two series, but they are very much related sets of books!

I love this book, but then I really enjoy most of McCaffrey's books. I think the Talent series and the Ship series are maybe my two favorites of hers. Of course I'll probably start re-reading Pern soon and decide that's my favorite. Except that I know I've re-read the Talent and Ship series many more times than I've re-read Pern so maybe not.

Anyway! This is the book where we meet Peter who is the one who figures out how to use gestalt. The other plot-lines belong to Tirla and the children trafficking, and Rhyssa et al dealing with the space station.

I just love contemplating the idea of telepathy and telekinesis and all that. It's just so cool!


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