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Jumper, by Steven Gould

This is the first Jumper book by Steven Gould. There's two more at the moment, but I'm really really hoping he'll write more!

The movie that's out right now is loosley based on this book, but I always like to read books before seeing the movies and since I want to see the movie I needed to read the book! I ended up liking the book a lot. (and still haven't gotten around to seeing the movie)

The basic idea is that this teenager figures out that he has the ability to "jump" anywhere that he has been before and can remember well enough. He has a pretty crappy home life so he starts by running away and living on his own. And then he has to figure out how to have relationships with people and do more than just jump from place to place without getting hurt or endangering the people he cares about.

On the surface it's such a cool fantasy, such a cool ability to have and just imagine what you could do! Just go somewhere once and then you can go back whenever you want and not have to worry about the time it would take to get there or the expense. But once people start finding out what you can do... things are going to get dangerous. I can't imagine a government agency that wouldn't want to somehow lock that person up either to use them or so they wouldn't be a threat.

I very much love the Aerie that he builds himself. A peaceful place, far away from people that only he can get to. I would love to have a place like that. And he loads the places with shelves and shelves full of books and I kinda have a thing for books so that just makes it even better.


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