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Forests of the Night

Forests of the Night, by S. Andrew Swann

I've read this before, but I felt like reading it again so here it is! It's by S. Andrew Swann and there's three more books in the series.

The whole idea is that genetic engineering became a reality, and of course the military wanted to create soldiers. But messing around with humans was off limits, so animals were made intelligent and changed so that they could be the soldiers. The wars are basically over now, but there's still all of these creatures left (They're called "moreau"s as in The Island of Dr.) who have to somehow be integrated into society.

Mr. Main Character (Nohar) is a tiger, but there's rabbits, foxes, bears, a mongoose, rats, dogs... all kinds of interesting people/animals. And they all have to somehow live with the humans. Which obviously creates some problems. I find all those little things really interesting. Like not wanting to wear clothes, having issues with one's tail falling asleep 'cuz you have to sit in a chair made for a human, instincts that are fine in the jungle, but maybe not so great downtown or dealing with clients.

As far as plot stuff... Nohar is a PI and gets asked to look into the death of a politician. And of course things rapidly go downhill.


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