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Twilight, by Stephenie Meyer

This is the first of a series by Stephenie Meyer. There are three so far, but I believe a fourth is scheduled to be published later this year.

This was recommended to me because of my recent devouring of the Blood Books by Tanya Huff. Ya know, vampire stuff. These are geared younger than the Huff books, the main person (main human anyway) is in high school.

The book was ok. Kinda predictable. It kind of irritates me when I can see exactly where a certain story line or plot point is going and it takes forever for it to arrive. As soon as Bella sees the "odd family" in the lunchroom it's quite obvious who they are and why they're so different and standoffish. But then you have to wait through quite a bit more book before she figures it out.

Of course I always find supernatural stuff very fun so whenever there's people who have special abilities or whatever I really enjoy that. And as most authors do, the vampire rules are slightly different. They can go in the sun, but they don't unless they're alone because they look completely different in direct sunlight. So they tend to live places that are cloudy most of the time! Regular food is out, but animal blood works, it doesn't have to be human.

Let's see... plot-wise (and so I remember which book this was which is the whole point of this) some other vamps show up in the territory of the "good vamps" that we care about and want to have Bella for their own and of course that just can't happen so there's a big old fight and of course a couple loose ends.


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