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The Cold Moon

The Cold Moon, by Jeffery Deaver

Before I start this I just have to say how completely in love I am with my ebook reader. It rocks my socks! I've been feeling like I've been reading more since I bought it so I went through my archives and counted. I used to average a book or two a month, since the reader's arrival I've read seven books in about a month and a half. Doesn't matter what I'm in the mood for, there'll be something on it that fits. I've always tended to read multiple books at the same time and this just makes it even easier. Just thought I'd share how much I'm enjoying my new gadget.

Anyway! On to the book! This is the latest in the Lincoln Rhyme series by Jeffery Deaver.

There's a lot of internal stuff going on for Sachs in this one. She has her first case that's her's and isn't one she's working with Lincoln. There's quite a bit to do with her dad too.

A new character gets introduced here that is now the main character in at least one other book (which I haven't read yet) that I think is supposed to become another series. The interaction between her and Lincoln is really interesting since she's all about people and witnesses and he really doesn't like those at all!

The case itself ends up being ridiculously convoluted (but then, they all are so that makes sense) and there's good guys that you think are bad guys and bad guys that maybe aren't so bad, or maybe they're worse. Whenever I read a Deaver book there's a number of times when everything seems solved and then I look at how much book is left and there's waaaaay too much left for everything to be figured out already. There were at least two or three of those moments in this one. But I really like that about his books, there's this constant "well, what on earth is going on then?" feeling.

And just to give myself enough information without giving everything away for anyone else... this is the one with the OCD clock guy and the overeating dude.


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