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SCE: Miracle Workers

SCE: Miracle Workers

This is the second anthology in the SCE series, it has ebooks 5-8.

I have read this before, but it was quite some time ago and I wanted a little refresher.

The first book is the second part of the last book in the first anthology, the one with the Tholians and the ship stuck in Interphase. After that there's three stand-alone books.

First off (or second really) they have to go get something from Empok Nor to fix DS9 so we get to see Nog. And Corsi and Fabe kinda get involved with each other, but not exactly.

The third book is set up a little differently, it's all about Sonya and a lot of it is told through her log entries while she's away on a mission by herself. And even though it isn't listed this way in the table of contents, it's actually two ebooks but they were smooshed together for the anthology version. Which makes sense.


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