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SCE: Have Tech, Will Travel

SCE: Have Tech, Will Travel

This is the first of the "dead tree" versions of the SCE ebooks; it has the first four ebooks. I have read it before, but it isn't listed here so it must have been at least 2 and a half years ago. I was wanting to start reading this series again, but I wasn't remembering who exactly everyone was and what had happened and all of that so I figured a little re-reading was in order. And I didn't actually read this in one day despite what the time stamps say. I tend to read more than one book at the same time and sometimes I finish multiple books pretty close together.

The first 3 all have Geordi in them which makes me happy since he's my favorite. Of course there's never enough of him in any ST books, but I'll take what I can get. The third one (the one with the Friend spaceship) could have done interesting things with him and the whole concept of cybernetic implants, but it wasn't even mentioned. I totally get that there was a story to tell with one of the actual main characters of the series, but I still found it disappointing that there wasn't at least a throwaway line or two.

Anyway, my own personal hang-ups aside... the first two books deal with a gigantic ship and the thousands upon thousands of passengers that must be missing. Of course they do turn up and it isn't pleasant.

Book the third is mostly about 110 dealing with what happened to 111. It fleshes out a lot of Bynar society and culture which is interesting.

The fourth is part one of a two-parter; the second part is in the second omnibus edition. It has an interesting premise that comes from a TOS episode (I believe it's "The Tholian Web" but I'm not positive) involving a ship stuck in a rift between our universe and another.


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