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New Moon

New Moon, by Stephenie Meyer

This is the second in a series by Stephenie Meyer. I'm sure the series has an official name, but I'm not sure what it is! I did read this fast, but it was more of a "wanting to spend the day in bed reading" than "must finish book" kind of thing.

I had similar issues with this one as I did with the first one. There's big creatures prowling around in the woods... gee, ya think those might be werewolves? And that the boys in local Native tribe that are suddenly acting oddly... they just could be involved?

It just frustrates me when characters take forever to arrive where I already am.

Plus this time there was the added problem of me really not caring one little bit that the main character was all depressed. She's just so insanely broken by her boyfriend leaving and it didn't seem realistic to me. There's really never an explaination for why she's so incredibly attached to this guy. Yeah, he's a vampire and he's hot, but that's as far as it goes. Every time she's pinning after him it's just that he's "perfect". OK, fine. What makes him perfect? Why do you love him so much?

Werewolf boy on the other hand seems to be a real person. He's much much more three dimensional than either the girl or the vampire. Much more interesting. I actually cared about his issues!

But of course, it's a vampire book and I just can't help myself so of course I read it and I'll read the rest of the series too.


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