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Maximum Ride: Saving the World and Other Extreme Sports

Maximum Ride - Saving the World and Other Extreme Sports, by James Patterson

This would be the third book in the Maximum Ride series by James Patterson.

I'd say I had a similar reaction to the first two. It's a fun read, not very complex, but it isn't meant to be so that's ok. And besides, kids with wings? That's just kinda cool to contemplate.

This one does wrap up a number of the loose ends and I was assuming it was going to be the end of the series, but I just saw a posting on-line somewhere for a fourth book so I guess not!

My one complaint is the whole weird blogging/kid revolution thing. Yes, as a kid that would have appealed to me in a book and since this is aimed at "young adults" that makes sense. But, as a sort of grown up (and when exactly do I become a grown up? I sure don't feel like one most of the time!) it just seems kind of ridiculous. Yes, I blog and have for years and I do think it can do amazing things. But this went waaaaay beyond that. And without any "adults" involved. I just have a hard time believing a bunch of kids could go storm some military complex without any kind of guidance or planning or anything.

I know, it's a story, it's fantasy... and I have no problem accepting kids with wings! But when there's an element that brings me out of the story, I think that's a problem.

But mostly it's just a fun quick read!


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