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August 9, 2007

The Twelfth Card

The Twelfth Card (A Lincoln Rhyme Novel), by Jeffery Deaver

Another Lincoln Rhyme book by Jeffery Deaver. I've devoured this one over the past week or two.

I've really enjoyed everything I've read by him and this one isn't an exception. There were so many twists and changes and unexpected bits, I kept thinking "this can't be it, there's too much book left, what's really going on?" But I wasn't able to guess and nothing pinged as out of place, even though it did all fit in later. Love that in a book!

And since the whole point of this here book blog is so I can remember which books are which later... this is the one with the former slave and the high school kid.

August 24, 2007

Ghost in the Shell: The Lost Memory

Ghost In The Shell - Stand Alone Complex Volume 1: The Lost Memory, by Junichi Fujisaku

I've been watching the Ghost in the Shell anime on Adult Swim lately and enjoying it quite a bit. I know it's originally a manga, but I've never been able to get in to those. But there's at least a couple actual books set in that universe and this is the first one.

The world they're set in has a very Matrix feel to it (I think the Matrix guys used GitS as one of their inspirations so that makes sense), the main character is essentially a brain inside an artificial body. Just about everyone is hooked up to a version of the internet, and people can be "hacked" though it.

It's a Japanese series so there's a lot of subtle differences in cultural priorities, what's acceptable behavior, what a person's goal in life should be... it's really interesting.

The story in this one has to do with teenagers that are becoming terrorists without any warning.

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