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July 6, 2007

Maximum Ride

Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment, by James Patterson

This is what happens when I go home on vacation... I bring multiple books because I know I'll read a lot while I'm home. And then I don't read what I brought, I buy something new and read that. And have to fit the extra books into my suitcase on the way back.

Anyway! This is by James Patterson and is one of those "young adult" books that are wonderful guilty pleasure reading. We have kids that have been genetically messed with to have wings. They've escaped from the scientists and are on their own, but of course the bad guys hunt them down and they have to escape again. Yes, it's predictable, but I wasn't looking for difficult reading with this one.

It's fun fantasy reading, and I'm a total sucker for stories about people with special abilities/super powers.

July 16, 2007

Maximum Ride - School's Out Forever

Maximum Ride: School's Out - Forever, by James Patterson

The second book in this series by James Patterson. The second one picks up pretty much exactly where the first one left off, which is a great way to get you to buy the next book, I have to say!

There's a lot more of the conspiracy and destiny stuff in this one. What I said about the first one holds for this as well. It's fun light reading.

Really the only thing that bugged me was the Ari character. I know, these are kids with wings, I shouldn't expect reality, but the Ari stuff really rang false to me.

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