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Mindbend, by Robin Cook

I haven't posted any books by Robin Cook before, but I've read a bunch of them. I think I first picked up a handful of them at a used book store and then they sat on my shelf until I felt like a medical mystery!

I know the little date tag is going to say that I read this in August 2006, but I know I read it once before. Unfortunately, I didn't do this on purpose! It took me until about half-way through the book to realize I'd read it before. I tend to think that's not a good thing, that it didn't make enough of an impression on me the first time around that it took me that long to remember it.


Cook reminds me a lot of Grisham (except with doctors instead of lawyers). There's always a big bad conspiracy of some sort, and the one lone good guy who has to stop it all. They're fun to read, but don't really distinguish themselves from each other very easily! This one was all about a brain-washing pharmaceutical company. (wow, Firefox says I spelled that right on the first try!)

Which isn't to say that I don't like his books, I do. They just tend to follow a certain formula.


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