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The Quilter's Apprentice

The Quilter's Apprentice, by Jennifer Chiaverini

I finally figured out the library system here and picked this up recently. It's by Jennifer Chiaverini.

The basic idea is that there's this young gal you gets this older lady to teach her how to quilt and they end up becoming friends and start the whole "Elm Creek Quilts" thing.

I did enjoy it and I'm sure I'll keep reading the series. But it's probably not going to be one that I'll buy to have in my own personal library. It's fun, but it just kind of feels like something from the juvenile fiction section. As soon as the story got going I knew where it was going to end up and just wanted them to get to the conclusion already. That's just kinda annoying. I don't want to get impatient with my books!

It is fun to read about how a quilt is made, I found myself constantly googling the various quilt blocks they talked about to see what they looked like. And this next part you can blame on Ann & Kay... I kept thinking "I wonder if I could knit that?" when I looked at the patterns!


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