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Round Robin

Round Robin, by Jennifer Chiaverini

This is the second in the Elm Creek Quilts series by Jennifer Chiaverini. I blazed through this and the next one because I had them as a single book (the first three in the series) and it's overdue at the library! It's really easy/fast reading though so it honestly did take me just a few days to finish.

This one follows each of the "Elm Creek Quilters" while they deal with some kind of crises in their life while they make a "round robin quilt". A cheating husband, a daughter who doesn't want to continue her education, a rowdy son, a stroke... I think I might be forgetting one. Oh well!

I have to say, the writing was a little better than the first one, not quite as predictable. I still had a good idea, but it wasn't as obvious as it was with book number one.


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