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Cross-Country Quilters

The Cross-Country Quilters, by Jennifer Chiaverini

OK, this is the third in the series by Jennifer Chiaverini. After this one I'm reading something else! Promise!

This one focuses on a completely different group of women. They meet at Elm Creek Quilts at the beginning of the book, and then it follows them over the next year. There's a similar idea as Round Robin, in that it follows them through crises as they make a "Challenge Quilt."

As far as I'm concerned this is the best of the first three. I actually wanted to know what happened to these characters. Unfortunately it didn't do a great job of portraying multiple sclerosis (one of the characters has it) and that's too bad. I'm not sure if the author got some bad information or what. Not that I'm an expert of course! But a little simple research and you'll end up with a much different idea of what MS is than what the author gives you.

OK, now I'm off to read something completely different! Probably sci-fi....


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