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Dies the Fire

Dies the Fire, by S.M. Stirling

I'm back in my favorite genre with this one by S.M. Stirling, whom I thought was a woman until a couple days ago! I'm not sure why, but I've read previous books by this author and I'd always assumed it was a woman. But this book has an author picture in the back and he's a guy! I have no idea why I thought S.M. Stirling was a woman, but I did.

Anyway! I was wandering around Borders a few weeks ago and picked up this book and it looked really interesting. So it came home with me! (It's really amazing how those books keep sneaking into my "to be purchased" pile...) At any rate, I haven't read anything quite like this before. The basic idea is that all of a sudden electricity stops working. All over the planet. Poof. Gone. And it isn't just electricity, all types of engines quit, gunpowder doesn't even work right anymore.

Once I started really getting into the plot and characters it started making me think. What would I do in that situation? How would I survive? I love books that get you to do that.

My only issue is that it tends to have a Christians=BAAAAAD bend to it. And yes I know that there's horrible people out there that call themselves Christians, but it's incredibly frustrating when the only characters that are identified as Christians are nasty people. There's other people that are "good guys" that are "lapsed Lutherans" or are converting to Wicca. It leaves you with the idea that a strong Christian faith is a bad thing. There's no reason there couldn't have also been decent people who were identified as Christians to balance it out. Very irritating! Luckily it's a fairly small part of the plot!

So for the most part I really liked it and am looking forward to the next one in the series!


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