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Deathstalker Legacy

Deathstalker Legacy (Owen Deathstalker), by Simon R. Green

This would be the sixth book in a decent length series by Simon R. Green. When I finished the fifth one it was supposed to be the last in the series, but then I was at the book store a year or so ago and found another one! Apparently the author changed his mind or something 'cuz now there's three more books in the series! Yay!

This one picks up about 200 years after the last one, so obviously there's a whole new set of characters to get to know. It's one of those wonderful books that's got a ton of pages (465 to be exact) but is also incredibly hard to put down. When I first picked it up I read the first 150 or so pages without even really thinking about it. I love that in a book. It's such a wonderful escape to be so totally engrossed in another world.


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